What is Smile in a Day?

If you have loose dentures or missing teeth and find it difficult to eat the foods you enjoy, then Smile in a Day will change your life.

Traditional dental implant treatment requires a healing period, which means you would usually be fitted with a temporary denture, prolonging your discomfort and limited function. With Smile in a Day, there are no dentures, you will have teeth fitted, in one day!

How does Smile in a Day work?

Smile in a Day uses titanium implants which are placed in your jaw. We can then attach a bridge to the implants which is fixed securely in your mouth. The bridge is a temporary installation whilst the implants bond securely to your jaw bone. Once healing is complete a permanent, fixed bridge is fitted.

Benefits of Smile in a Day

  • Reducing the number of dental visits required
  • Confidence in your smile, speaking, laughing, smiling without thinking
  • Enjoy the food you want and bite with confidence
  • The procedure is free from discomfort
  • Treatment can start quickly, so why wait to have the smile you have always wanted?

Common questions we are asked

Is it expensive?

Smile in a Day is less expensive than traditional dental implants and if maintained properly they can last a considerable length of time. Smile in a Day is made even more affordable by the finance options we provide.

Will it hurt?

No, we use local anesthetic so you feel no pain. For highly nervous patients, there is the option of sedation which will help you feel completely relaxed.

Is it clinically proven?

Yes, many scientific tests have been carried out to prove the success of Smile in a Day since it was developed over 12 years ago.

Can everyone have it?

We use the latest Cone Beam CT Scanning Technology to examine your bone density and volume in 3D to ensure absolute precision in placing the implants in the optimum position.

Is it safe?

Yes, is safe. The implant placement is completed in a sterile room, with sterile instruments and materials.

What is the success rate?

Studies indicate that dental implants have the highest success rate compared to most procedures in dentistry – approximately 94.6%*

*Referring to a highest level systematic review research paper of over 7000 implants. This can be referenced below: Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 2015 Mar;44(3):377-88. doi: 10.1016/j.ijom.2014.10.023. Epub 2014 Nov 20.Evaluation of survival and success rates of dental implants reported in longitudinal studies with a follow-up period of at least 10 years: a systematic review.Moraschini V1, Poubel LA2, Ferreira VF3, Barboza Edos S4.

Here’s what our patients say

We asked our patients what they felt they had benefited from by their dental implant treatment:

  • They look and feel just like my own teeth”
  • “It’s a great long term investment in improving your quality of life”
  • “They are permanently fixed in place – they won’t fall out”
  • “My only regret is I wish I’d known about this treatment sooner!”
  • “I look younger, my face is now filled out and I have a less wrinkled appearance”

So, don’t wait, book your Free Consultation today and feel confident again.